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World Championships
was organized in Kinnula 9th-10th July 2016.
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10.07.2016World Championships 2016
28.05.2016National team qualification and Satakunta Champs
21.05.2016World Cup 1/2016
14.05.2016South Finnish Cup 2/2016
07.05.2016South Finnish Cup 1/2016
24.10.2015South Finnish Autumn Cup 4/2015
17.10.2015South Finnish Autumn Cup 3/2015
11.10.2015South Finnish Autumn Cup 2/2015
03.10.2015South Finnish Autumn Cup 1/2015
19.09.2015Autumn throws of Kivijärvi
13.09.2015World Championships 2015 - National Teams
12.09.2015World Championships 2015 - Open series
29.08.2015World Cup 3/2015
23.08.2015France Event of Bootthrowing
15.08.2015Bootthrowing competition in Loppi
11.07.2015Championships of Finnish Bootthrowers - Interested
11.07.2015Championships of Finnish Bootthrowers - Men
11.07.2015Championships of Finnish Bootthrowers - Women
14.06.2015South Finnish Spring Cup 4/2015
07.06.2015South Finnish Spring Cup 3/2015
23.05.2015World Cup 1/2015 - Men
23.05.2015World Cup 1/2015 - Women
17.05.2015South Finnish Spring Cup 2/2015
10.05.2015South Finnish Spring Cup 1/2015
19.10.2014South Finnish Autumn Cup 4/2014
12.10.2014South Finnish Autumn Cup 3/2014
05.10.2014South Finnish Autumn Cup 2/2014
21.09.2014South Finnish Autumn Cup 1/2014
13.09.2014World Cup 5/2014 in Ascoli Piceno
30.08.2014World Cup 4/2014 in Viljandi
12.07.2014World Championships 2014: Women Final
12.07.2014World Championships 2014: Men Final
29.06.2014South-Finnish Spring Cup 4
16.06.2014Finnish Championships 2014
08.06.2014South-Finnish Spring Cup 3
01.06.2014South-Finnish Spring Cup 2
11.05.2014South-Finnish Spring Cup 1
09.07.2013World Championships 2013 in Berlin
20.06.2012Finnish Championships 2012
20.05.2012Spring Cup 3 of Southern Finland 2012
13.05.2012Spring Cup 3 of Southern Finland 2012
29.04.2012Spring Cup 2 of Southern Finland 2012
22.04.2012Spring Cup 1 of Southern Finland 2012
02.03.2012Finnish Indoor Boot-throwing Championships 2012
16.10.2011Autumn Cup 3 of Southern Finland 2011
11.10.2011Autumn Cup 2 of Southern Finland 2011
28.05.2011Spring Cup 4 of Southern Finland 2011
14.05.2011World Cup 1 2011
30.04.2011Spring Cup 2 of Southern Finland 2011
16.04.2011Spring Cup 1 of Southern Finland 2011
02.04.2011Finnish Indoor Championships 2011
24.10.2010Autumn Cup 4 of Southern Finland
17.10.2010Autumn Cup 3 of Southern Finland
10.10.2010Autumn Cup 2 of Southern Finland
03.10.2010Autumn Cup 1 of Southern Finland
28.08.2010World Cup 5
25.07.2010Finnish Championships 2010
04.07.2010World Championships 2010
12.06.2010Finnish national team qualification 2010
09.05.2010Twenty Anniversary Competition of Ronttoset Cup 4
02.05.2010Twenty anniversary competition of Ronttoset Cup 3
25.04.2010Twenty anniversary competition of Ronttoset Cup 2
18.04.2010Twenty anniversary competition of Ronttoset Cup 1
13.03.2010Young generation of boot-throwers
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